Friday, 20 May 2011

Two oldies from last year.

"Gong home": Medias - colored pencil, pencil, gouache and akvarel.
This is a nursery aboard a spaceship carrying colonists for the planet outside the window- unbeknownst if they're humans (i guess the "doll" suggest otherwise). If I did it today I think it would be better, more interesting and more messier :D
" Ghost" : Medias - akvarel, ink, pencil
Based on a dream I had about this strange many-storied abandoned house - filled up with old stuff and withered flowers in the upper floor. And occasionally you would see this ghost of a little girl running around and dissapearing very fast.

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Maria henriksen said...

Jeg er virkelig vild med dette billede, perspektivet er bare mums. Normalt er jeg rigtig bange for spøgelser, men hende her forekommer mig nærmest sød og venlig.
Bare et fedt billede!