Sunday, 9 September 2012

Biped - continued

                                            Maquette done after finished character design.
                                           Picture of the finished model in Maya, facedetail:
Turntable in Mudbox showing topology

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bipedal project 1 - developement of concept - 8th -10th of february, 20th-22th of february

Then it was time for the bipedal project. I really enjoyed doing this. But it is a long story, so I'll just start with some pictures of how my concept evolved. We had to do a bipedal character, concept, marquette, modelling and UV's - if we had the time it was going to be the first time we did stuff in mudbox. I didn't really get there, but more of that later. First: We had Gabor Steisinger during the developement of the concept. I was in a strange mood during the first days and so I developed the character of a 1600th century nobility child who was in a fatal accident but "survived" due to alchemy and prostetics, became a alcehmist villain - she couldn't grow up, was fitted with metal pieces and a huge artificial arm, due to loosing the real one in the accident and basically she wanted to be grown up, superhuman and immortal. So she was in to the philosophers stone alchemy. And didn't compromize at all to get what she wanted, having an army of minions and followers in a secret society. My first sketches, after I knew what kind of character I wanted, but not the gender and age etc:
Decided on the child and worked on from there:
Some excellent inputs and help from G. Steisinger:
Finished concept:

Digital Paint/Photoshop 2/LayoutL1- class 30th of january-3rd of february

Two layouts I did during this week. The first is an alternative shot from Totoro, the other one from Batman, animated show. There was some After Effects animatics involved, but due to my lack of knowledge of this program at the time it turned out so horrid that I will just spare the world the sight...

Monday, 14 May 2012

Color w L. Marvit from the 23rd to the 27th of january

The objective of this assignment was to get better with colors. We painted with acrylic colors on small pieces of cardboard to get the overall view. We were not supposed to do finished pieces. I have included some text on the sketches to explain the way I worked with this.

Monday, 7 May 2012


Result of storyboard class on 16th-20th january with Christian DeVita. It's a story of a platoon of soldiers entering a mime-field, and there is more that is not what it seems... I hope the drawings is though :)!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Design 2, 9th to 13th of january 2012

Atlantis-weapon: This is some kind of cyborg-tank, part animal, part machine. I think it is somehow controlled via mindcontrol - those atlantians were pretty skilled with telepathy, if you ask me. Sketchy and not polished.
Steam-Punk Chase: Love steampunk so had a hard time doing this. I tried out a new way of painting, starting with blocking all big shapes out with the lasso-tool. Proved not to be the thing.... ;)
Thumbnails and sketches:
Fairy-flower city: My take on this was that the fairies would live in the back of some messy garden, making their homes in old beer cans and such. The background is a photo, with some alterations to shadows and environment. Could have used more time on this - as with the others.