Thursday, 15 December 2011

Character Turnaround of the Village Idiot from Project 4550

Village Idiot - Character Turnaround from Elisabet Hau on Vimeo.

Project "4550" at TAW

Our six week project - render a 3D scene with character and set.
Character and set concept design set from the styleguide of mediterranean Villagers and Jim Henson.
I chose to do the village idiot, muppet style.
(video of turnaround will follow later)

Monday, 6 June 2011


I put this up in grayscale, rather than the original colors - due to the horrid orange hue of the paper I unfortunately chose to use.... :/ Not excactly classical drawing as I should have done it - I mixed it with my own old way of drawing. Not perfect by far, but it was fun :) and kind of look like me.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Two oldies from last year.

"Gong home": Medias - colored pencil, pencil, gouache and akvarel.
This is a nursery aboard a spaceship carrying colonists for the planet outside the window- unbeknownst if they're humans (i guess the "doll" suggest otherwise). If I did it today I think it would be better, more interesting and more messier :D
" Ghost" : Medias - akvarel, ink, pencil
Based on a dream I had about this strange many-storied abandoned house - filled up with old stuff and withered flowers in the upper floor. And occasionally you would see this ghost of a little girl running around and dissapearing very fast.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Below you see my Portefolio from march 2011, my application for the CGA education at The Animation Workshop in Viborg.

Lifedrawing, portefolio march 2011

Perspective, portefolio march 2011

Character design (Sunny) portefolio 2011

This is the sketch of Sunny and her older teenage brother Darnell that started my imagination off about these out of control robot kids, that had been adopted by some naïve person(s) into suburbia. I guess they changed the neighbourhood for ever.

Characters (minus Sunny) portefolio march 2011

Backgrounds -portefolio march 2011

oops ;) - the missingpanic- piece from Freestyle section.

Freestyle, portefolio marts 2011