Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Design 2, 9th to 13th of january 2012

Atlantis-weapon: This is some kind of cyborg-tank, part animal, part machine. I think it is somehow controlled via mindcontrol - those atlantians were pretty skilled with telepathy, if you ask me. Sketchy and not polished.
Steam-Punk Chase: Love steampunk so had a hard time doing this. I tried out a new way of painting, starting with blocking all big shapes out with the lasso-tool. Proved not to be the thing.... ;)
Thumbnails and sketches:
Fairy-flower city: My take on this was that the fairies would live in the back of some messy garden, making their homes in old beer cans and such. The background is a photo, with some alterations to shadows and environment. Could have used more time on this - as with the others.